Rob from Cary, NC, USA
On the Instrument 7

After listening to the dc10audio Instrument 7 I can't say that I've heard better reproduction of classic strings or vocals anywhere else... vocals are hauntingly real and the guitar you'd swear was really there after listening to Michael Jackson's thriller at a fairly high volume level I was amazed at the speed and attack of this system though bass was not in the sub terrain it was solid, fast, and realistic with a nice punch. This would make a fantastic front pair for a high-end home theater! Oh and they look beautiful too.

Patrick from Washington, DC, USA
On the Instrument 8PS

I am an Instrument 8 PS owner of about 6 months. These speakers are great. I know I'm not telling you something you don't already know -- they just are. I just left the Capital Audio Fest here in Maryland and listened to several systems and countless speakers and I can honestly say none of the speakers I heard sounded better than my 8PS speakers. I know I'm biased, but I usually leave shows like this wanting to burn (light a match to) my systems when I get home. Not this time. Your speakers are engaging, dynamic and something that I feel proud to own. I'm blown away at times by how good they sound. They look almost as good as they sound, and as you know they look great.

I just wanted you to know that you have a product that I am proud to own. Maybe you should consider showing them to more people like events such as CAF. I will gladly support you and the product in anyway you feel I `would be of the most good. I am a Network Engineer by trade, so I'm not a salesman. I heard a lot of speakers this weekend and mine really sounds better than what I heard. Tidal's 64k speakers and the Revel Studio2 were great, but the 8PS speakers are special.

I did not want to mention this because I know it sounds strange, but this is probably the only speaker that I have been able to feel. It seems there is texture or something tangible to the sounds produced by the speakers. I know it's called "The Instrument", but I wasn't expecting this. I referred to it as special in my previous email. The Revel or Tidal speakers did not have this.

Adam from Warsaw, Poland
On the Berlin II mini monitor

I connected Berlin II with extraordinary Audio Note KEGONS Low Gain version monoblocks delivering 22W matched with Audio Note preamplifier M8, the 86dB efficiency of Rogers LS 3/5a that construction is rather adapted to push-pulls, do not really let listeners enjoy the outstanding SET monoblocks signed by Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note. Nonetheless, while the set Rogers-Rogers plays very well high and middle frequencies referentially, and mid-bass is reach (at least, according to the ear of English traditionalist), AudioNote-Berlin II set plays referentially and emotionally to the full extent of frequencies (the only limit is the size of a room – I have a living room with quite big capacity!). A combination of AN and Rogers LS 3/5a does not make any sense and Berlin II with Rogers shows clearly difference between SET and push-pull configuration. And as it is not to me to judge if apple is better than pear, Berlin II mini monitors are able (providing honest court proceedings) to resolve an eternal, audiophile conflict (SET or push-pull).

However, there is a continuation of this story. If I understood well, a clever and patented construction of dc10audio, and actually its outstanding designers, released the bass-reflex sound pressure through the gap around tweeter horn, thus creating a virtual, point source of sound. This is how they provided a listener with a coherent 3D sound-stage (assuming the use of excellently paired mono-blocks or very decent amplifier). Berlin II mini monitors are entry level of products range od dc10audio, yet the are dream speakers and for many audiophiles (because of financial reasons but also due to the performance price ratio) could be starting, or even the ultimate music platform, supported by a decent, similar in price, tube amplifier from one of the leading producers. Today, the music source dose not have to cost anything, thanks to excellent DACs, and music servers working with USB, Ethernet or FireWire, but also, optic S/PDIF. Thus, thanks to dc10audio, one can have truly audiophile system for less than 8000USD. It’s really a groundbreaking construction, and when I see a Berlin’s II brother – Berlin studio monitor I can only imagine how more rich and joyful their sound could be. I’m more than sure that this American niche company, being a herald of the finest traditions of American technology (in the world again dominated by the Chinese mediocrity), representing a truly American spirit, reflected in such a beautiful way in the names of the greatest spaceships in history: Columbia, Discovery, Challenger, Atlantis and Endeavor, will conquer European, Asian and American audiophiles’ minds.

The best summary of this little bit lengthy review would be the fact that, after a couple of months of experiencing and testing of Berlin II mini monitors produced by company dc10audio, I ordered, without hesitation, their flagship instrument – The Instrument, which will be in my possession maybe even this year, and I will surely describe all my small and those bigger ecstasies, describing specific music pieces which let them.

Jim from Kempner, TX, USA
On the Wattson power amplifier

I've spent about 30 hours over the last 10 days listening to the Wattson with a variety of music: symphonic works with full orchestra, chamber music, small jazz groups, large jazz ensembles, choral music, rock & Texas singer-songwriters. About 25 hours was with CDs and the rest with FM radio. I've used an Accurus RL11 Pre (modded by Ken Ealey Audio), Thiel 3.5 speakers, a Lexicon RT-20 transport, a Monarchy Audio 22B DAC and a Sansui TU 717 tuner (modded by Joseph Chow at audio horizons). I didn't listen to any vinyl since I'm changing the tonearm & cartridge on my TT and haven't finished the setup yet.

I wasn't sure whether the difference I thought I was hearing was real or the product of my own mind hearing what it wanted/expected to hear.

Until last night when my wife walked through the room adjacent to the music room while I was playing a CD version of Santana's "Abraxas".

She stopped, came in & said it's never sounded like this before. I asked her what she meant, she thought for a few seconds & then said the music was "prettier" and it sounded like they were in the room with us.

And in a nutshell that's what I'd been hearing.

There's more detail in all of the music and all the instruments (including the human voice) sound more real & natural. The Wattson gives me a much better seat in the house than I've ever had before (whether it be a symphonic hall, jazz club or coffee house), the houses sound more spacious than before and the sounds are more musical than before. And when I close my eyes I'm no longer in my music room - I'm in the venue where the music is being played and the sounds aren't coming from my speakers, they're coming from the performing musicians.

What has surprised me is that this difference is also there when I'm listening to 2 FM stations in Austin I tune in frequently (KUT, which features a lot of jazz & singer-songwriters and KMFA which is all classical).

There is a down side though: the Wattson made it pretty obvious that a couple CDs I listened to weren't that good sonically. Either the performance was poorly recorded, or the recording wasn't transferred very well to the production CDs.

But that seems a small price to pay for the magic the Wattson does to the music.

I'm really glad I got this amp.

Robin, from New Jersey, USA
On the Berlin studio monitor

The new Reference Recordings LP "Exotic Dances from the Opera" playing the Sophia Electric 206 "Princess" tube in my Tektron switchable SET amp into the Berlins has to be heard to be believed!

BIG bass and amazing soundstage with tremendous detail. Inner space and air abound. This combo is going to be a big hit at RMAF!

Torry, Hagto Audio, Lyngdal, Norway
On the dc10audio Berlin studio monitor

I first heard about dc10audio when I saw pictures from RMAF 2012. They caught my interest right away. They looked fantastic and they had very good sensitivity of 95db. Ideal for my tube amplifier.

In the end I bought a pair.

Unpacking these they were even more beautiful than I had imagined. They look just stunning!

What about the sound then? They are one of the most exciting loudspeakers I have heard, and I have heard a lot!

They have the largest image of sound I’ve ever heard from a loudspeaker! And they are one of the most open and transparent speakers I have ever heard.

I have tried them with Cary SET 300B, 47-lab clones, and big transistor amps from CODA Technologies.

They need some matching because they are so transparent. You get all there is on the record. If you use some time matching, and an amplifier rather against the rich and warm I think you will get some of the most exciting speakers that you can find out there.

I told my friends about these exiting speakers and one of my friends bought the big and beautiful L’Instrument. He is just as happy as me!

Kent from Crockett, California, USA
On the Berlin II mini monitor

We very much love our new speakers, the Berlin II model. Music is now so full and rich and clean that we can hardly believe the difference from our old speakers. We know that we're now getting everything possible from our recordings and our new stereo equipment. Plus, your speakers are lovely to look at. Handcrafted from cherry and maple woods, and rising on cherry wood stands, they have a sculptural beauty and a striking presence. The workmanship is excellent, too. Thank you so much for making such high quality speakers. It's as if they were made especially for us!

Jaime from Palma De Mallorca, Spain
On the Berlin R (alnico)

I want to tell you last Wednesday I received finally the Berlin R in perfect conditions (great packaging) and these last days I've listened to the Berlin's and I'm very happy for a very nice looking and fantastic sound really...strings, brass and vocals are stunning and I can feel the instruments now (I like very much piano and violin). I think the combo Resonator, AlNiCo and Duelund Cast Capacitors with the other parts have a great influence to get so fantastic sound.

So, I have not any doubt that I've found my definitive reference monitor speakers and I hope to enjoy many years with them in the future.

Thanks for all...you are true professionals.

Robert, from San Francisco, USA
On the Berlin R

Great meeting you on Saturday [at T.H.E. Show at Newport]. Your room had the friendliest, unpretentious vibe. Of course sound is what most matters but I like to support good people. I feel like I'm making out great on both aspects. I honestly believe my modest setup at home with the Berlin Rs was better than anything I heard at the show.

Your Kabukis were awesome and I bet would sound even better in my house.

Jim E, from Austin, Texas, USA
On the Kabuki (at Newport Audio Show 2014)

I was lucky to find the nice people at dc10audio. Their room was very pretty -- very artistic setup. The beautiful tube amplifiers were on slabs of 200 year old curly maple not resting on the carpet. Many of the rooms were just jammed full of gear, some done in poor taste -- not this room! The Kabuki speakers were especially good looking and I asked if they would mind playing a drum solo on the system. The gentleman said yes with a slight tone of excitement. I told him that I made the recording and it was me playing the drums, so I knew how it should sound... and I explained that I'd taken it around to more than a few rooms, and it has not sounded right yet -- quite bad actually -- so the heat was on... He smiled and loaded the disc into a vintage Sony CD player -- obviously must have been a special one, it had a puck weight and looked nice. The guy said it was better than many new units but a bit of embarrassment at the same time.

No embarrassment necessary! I was amazed! Absolutely unbelievable sound reproduction. So dynamic, and to think it was playing on 30 watt tube amplifiers! Snare, kick, cymbals with the dynamics of drums, which are very dynamic instruments -- like the most dynamic! This was the best and only room I could find that made the recording sound real.

Kabuki is on this year's Christmas list. Unfortunately the amplifiers are well over my budget!

Derek, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
On the Briton II

Amazing woodworking and build quality. True craftsmanship. The type of speaker you can sit and stare at with no music playing. Most speakers take away from your living space, not these, they're the focal point. Classy organic design and not your typical Liberace audiophile styling.

Very room forgiving speakers. I have them in a relatively small (12.5' x 14.5') dedicated listening space. This is a difficult room to say the least...speakers have to be on the long wall, sloped ceiling, and only three walls with one side open to the first floor below. The listening position is near-field and the placement only about 12" off the back wall. Despite their imposing size these completely disappear and do not overpower the room.

Shindo + Briton II's + vinyl = a totally holographic experience. Massive sound stage in all three planes and imaging that lets you see the performance. These speakers can be delicate and yet downright thunderous when called upon. The bass is probably the most impressive aspect of these stand mounts. The best I have ever heard, from any form factor. Subterranean, tuneful, taut. There is an openness, a free flowing feel, which decouples the bass and keeps it from being lost among the rest of the track. Vocals are as real as it gets and completely human. These speakers can unravel the most complex pieces and reassemble it in a non-fatiguing way, even for people like myself who are normally sensitive to that sort of thing. The detail portrayal seems endless if the source gear is up to the task.

I've been through a lot of equipment in the past few years and up until now Shindo is the only manufacturer I can't see living without. dc10audio is now added to that list. Bottom line is the Briton II's are so engaging they'll make you want to explore music outside your comfort zone just to hear how it'll sound out of those jumbo sized horns and woofers.


Shindo Montille CV391
Shindo Aurieges-MM
Shindo Mr. T power conditioner
Hammertone Garrard 301 by Audio Grail
Artisan Fidelity plinth
EMT 997 tonearm
Miyajima Kansui and Premium BE
Miyajima ETR-KSW step up
Shindo and Auditorium 23 cables
GIK bass traps and acoustic panels
Core Audio Designs rack

Roger, St. Louis, MO, USA
On the Berlin R

The upgraded Berlin R's you sent me are really outstanding when driven by either my Halo JC-1's or A-21, or my Atma-Sphere M60 MK 3.2 OTL tube amps.

But... I think they may leave my other setups behind a bit... when... driven by the M60's - there is a special synergy between the Class A OTL tube amps and the Berlin R's. Not enough of an engineer to understand what might contribute to that synergy... but... it seems so. Just a superb soundstage and holographic imaging combined with outstanding clarity, resolution, detail, drive, extension, balance... etc, etc, etc. Though, I suspect it's the efficiency of the Berlin R's, coupled with the Class A, OTL, high current output of the M60's - just guessing.

I realize you have your own transformer coupled tube amps... but... you might want to think about demoing the Berlins with the Atma-Sphere M60's - a truly superb combo!

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